The big picture.
In the upcoming September issue of GQ, Washington University scientists Desiree White and Richard Abrams report on an uncanny similarity between the immortal Babe Ruth and current day St. Louis Cardinals baseball slugger Albert Pujols.  In 1921, when Babe Ruth was 26 and at the top of his game, he was put through a series of tests ranging from finger-tapping to visual responses to bat speed.  Pujols is 26 and a top hitter in the game today.  Tests similar to Ruth’s were administered to Pujols.  Not only are Ruth and Pujols the only two baseball players to have ever aced the tests, they share a common trait that accounts for why they flourish as athletes.  It’s the same characteristic that Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung believed was necessary for human flourishing – living a life of meaning and purpose.

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Best of Citizens

August 18th, 2006

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Fall colors.
In Maryland, we’re already deep into the fall colors.  I’m not talking about leaves turning various shades, but the splendiferous array of candidate’s signs that litter the landscape.  We’re in the political season again.  And that always raises the thorny question of the relationship between religion and politics.  At present, we have three options outlining what Americans understand to be "the public square."  One is promoted by secularists and the second by religious folk.  But the third option – one that restores the Founding Fathers’ vision for a connection between faith and politics – argues for a public square that can promote (as St. Augustine put it) the "best of citizens."
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