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5 Responses to “3D”

  1. Alan says:

    Loved this article, Mike. Probably one of my favorites so far. 3-D thinking is perpetually challenging and doing so often results in 2-D thinkers looking at me with suspicion. It’s easy for those of us who call ourselves “orthodox” to slip back into 2-D behavior and thinking.

  2. Barnabas says:

    Understand the 3-D idea. Unsettled about presuming on one ‘nones’ perception and it being of a working ‘model’.As I would with presuming upon any group dynamic.

  3. Mike Metzger says:

    Suggesting it, not presuming it.

  4. Barnabas says:

    Suggesting that ‘nones’ universal view is confined to one spiritual dimension model.

  5. Pisang says:

    Dear Greg,I have contact with Michael and his blog iltremittentny and was delighted to find that there are Secular Party candidates standing against so many of the right-wing religious bigots at present being government and opposition in this country.As a long-time atheist ( for about the last 60 years) it is refreshing to find at last that there are people who are prepared to do something about the ongoing religious connections which so many like Rudd and Abbott have and push down our unwilling gullets on every occasion possible.Unfortunately we don’t have one of your party candidates standing against Martin Ferguson in Batman, more’s the pity, but we live in hope for the future. We only hope that those opposing him in this election will be able to reduce his margin which is one of the biggest for the ALP in Australia!Best wishes and good luck with opposing the Member for Israel hope his majority gets slashed to ribbons too!!Regards,Mannie De Saxe

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