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5 Responses to “A SAD Signal?”

  1. Barnabas says:

    The sad reality is that the church is yet to even scratch the surface of the darkness endured by those that daily live with the pain of depression and the challenge of mental health. Compassion beyond just being a symbol of brokenness in the world.

  2. Hank says:

    SAD Is like seasickness – you have little control over whether (Outside of controlling your physical location on this earth) you get it – but no one understands it unless they also have it.

  3. Mark Elson says:

    I was born and raised in Canada, SAD is real; it can take a mental affect on you as well as the neurological changes. There are actions that can be taken. When I was a kid and into my adult years I had to walk about a half mile to catch the bus, I quickly understood that turning this journey to the bus through 4-5 feet of snow into an exercise of some sort, helped relieve the burden that this journey naturally carried. The burden and snow where still there but seeing it in a better framework (maybe a word you would use Mike) released it to some degree! Worldview make a huge difference!
    Thanks Mike!

  4. Barnabas says:

    I suspect the bus came in handy as well.
    Interesting parallel though. The bus has often left before alot of people have struggled through their journey to the church. Divine appointments such as the women at the well spring to mind.

  5. Barnabas says:

    Without hopefully, sounding too flippant. I think alot of non-suffering churches are prone to SAD(Some aversion to Difficulty). In particular responses to bereavement and sickness(in particular mental health).
    Sadly, non church agencies and communities as a whole can be poor at this as well.
    How to develop a Compassionate Community IMO is the challenge.

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