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7 Responses to “Are We Very Shrewd? (Part 3)”

  1. Vicki G. says:

    Having recently finished the biography of Steve Jobs, I was stunned to realize how one man (with a vision, mission and deep belief in his ideas and ability) could change the world in less than thirty years.

    He changed six industries and the way 7 billion people live.

    Now that the internet has leveled the playing field and brought us all together, it seems we are living in a new dimension of time and place. Personally, I believe our indelible fingerprint on society can be made much faster than at any other time in history. It’s a great time to be a culture-changer.

  2. Robert Weigel says:


    This is a really nice series. Thank you.

    Very truly yours,


  3. Mike Metzger says:

    Last week Aaron asked whether the work of Christ causes us to think differently about today’s world and our work as believers. I don’t think so. As one wise man put it, the gospel message never changes, although the address might. What I mean is our delivery probably needs to change – dramatically. The only precedent in history, the Babylonian exile, gives us clues, including thinking in terms of generations and even centuries rather than three and five year plans to “reach” a city.

  4. Tim says:

    Excellent series, Mike. Patience, persistence, perseverance, the long view, etc.

  5. marble says:

    By any chance, have you seen the address of soon-to-be-Cardinal Timothy Michael Dolan, Archbishop of New York? It was made just today, I believe, to the Pope and the Cardinals. In it, he talks of the “new evangelization” and the intersection of faith and culture. If he’s not singing the same tune as you, it is at the very least a harmony or lovely counterpoint.

    Here’s the link:

  6. Mike Metzger says:

    Same tune. Good music, btw

  7. marble says:

    Yep. [grin]

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