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5 Responses to “Check Your Voicemail”

  1. Bob Snelling says:

    Through the course of my life, well-meaning committed Christians continued to push me to go to seminary and leave the “secular work place”. God never confirmed those suggestions. Alas, in current church culture, so many clerical (and lay) leaders do not fully realize the value of committed lay people in their ministry in the workplace and also within church leadership. I am so pleased that Mike Metzger gets it on this subject. Do we dare commit, as Wilberforce did, to changing cultures within the context of where God put us; in the garden, office, construction crew, restaurant, mall shop, or cockpit?

  2. Stan Wallace says:

    Mike, great post! I actually posted on the same topic this week on my blog ( as part of a series discussing the various ways Christians engage culture (this being the third and correct posture, I argue). My sense is that more and more believers are understanding and embracing this redemptive calling, and eschewing the old “sacred/secular” dichotomy. Is that your sense too?

  3. Mike Metzger says:

    Dear Stan: I am not as widely traveled and experienced as you are, so I can’t say. But I trust your sense of things.

  4. Trent McEntyre says:

    Bob, great comment, I am glad you held your course to create culture and make disciples in the context of your callings as pilot, an elected representative, and a lay church leader. You now have multiple avenues and a deep well of experience.

    Mike, memorable and applicable post. I’ve heard several people say that “the priesthood of all believers and the sanctity of all callings” are unfinished business of the Reformation.

  5. Bob Moffitt says:

    Mike, a very helpful reminder of another way to express God’s calling on all of us.

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