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9 Responses to “Conspicuously Absent”

  1. Len Woods says:

    Mike, good stuff. My head just tilted!

  2. Jerry Bowyer says:

    One of our best. Many thanks for writing it. Thinking intuitionally and being a mediating institution also involves occupying ‘middle-ground’ not necessarily ideologically but between interest groups.

  3. Marc Horton says:

    Interesting. My own vacuity of connection with Dr. Metzger’s comments was evocative.

  4. Gerard says:

    I found the definition of how institutions works to be helpful: Institutions operate this way—individuals in mutual mission, submission, and purpose that transcends the individual. Many become one.

  5. Lauris says:

    I question ‘Judaism believes in a Trinitarian God.’ I was of the understanding it doesn’t recognize the Son at all and would not recognize the Spirit as a separate person. Please explain.

  6. Mike Metzger says:


    Check this out:

  7. Lauris says:

    Thanks, Mike. Very helpful.

  8. charles wenzel says:

    “Coming Apart” by Charles Murray adds to this theme.

  9. Barnabas says:

    The word catholic (with lowercase c; derived via Late Latin catholicus, from the Greek adjective ????????? (katholikos), meaning “universal”[1][2]) comes from the Greek phrase ??????? (katholou), meaning “on the whole”, “according to the whole” or “in general”, and is a combination of the Greek words ???? meaning “about” and ???? meaning “whole”
    (from wiki)
    Sadly the ‘protesting’ spirit can break the common unity in the interests of mainstaining dominance.Tension between the personal and public temple. Tension between the mind the body and the spirit. Rhythms of grace.

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