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6 Responses to “Ears To Hear”

  1. Tim Patterson says:

    Tchaikovsky a Christian? I am not aware of any confession of his along these lines.

  2. Jacob says:

    I appreciate the value of the indirect as you have described. I struggle with my own lyric writing for corporate worship contexts because of the demand of the direct and accessible. Although there certainly is value in making the Truth plain it is also valuable to leave with questions to be answered instead of having all of the answers especially if we want to see genuine life change. I suppose it is about who will receive your message.

  3. Jacob says:

    Tchaikovsky did study at the St. Petersburg Conservatory. However, I am not aware of any sacred themes within his compositions…

  4. John Graff says:

    You do such great stuff.

    Is it permissible for me to print 50 copies of this to use in an adult Christian education program I am leading. We are focusing now on listening and looking for God’s word in our world.

    Thank you.
    John Graff

  5. Mike Metzger says:

    Hi John: Anyone who flatters me gets to print and distribute as they see fit! Uh, come to think of it, anyone can print and distribute – even my critics. Have at it! Tell me what kind of reception they receive and if I can further assist.

  6. brody bond says:

    Ah, Bono, how you do refresh me.

    A fanastic interview w/ Bono a few years ago:

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