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2 Responses to “Festivus Minimus”

  1. Bob Snelling says:

    Fascinating that I just returned from a robust weekend of celebrating Barbershop Harmony and watching the musical competition, certainly a festival on its face. But, how did it end? The championship chorus from Nashville, TN ended its champion show by singing “Nearer My God to Thee” in counterpoint to a Latin phrase arranged in Barbershop style that, when translated, is an overt reminder to point our efforts to know God. This is particularly interesting in that The Barbershop Harmony Society is not a “religious” organization. The closing celebration at the international “festival” in Las Vegas last summer included 200 voices from two different top-notch Barbershop choruses singing Ode to Joy. In each of these cases my attitude, which was already quite celebratory, was lifted toward the Cross celebrating in a non-religious organization.

  2. Bob Snelling says:

    In case you might enjoy this….

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