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5 Responses to “Five Meadows”

  1. Tom K. says:

    MIke, I concur with your “five meadows” metaphor. . . moving to new meadows requires intentionality, it is not “automatic”. Your reflections both affirm and challenge me as I anticipate meeting with 4 friends this coming weekend. We all have known each other for least 30+ years and are gathering to reflect back and look ahead together. I will pass this on to them as we meet and ponder our past trajectories and future aspirations. Thanks.

  2. Tim Smick says:

    During the last 8 years I have climbed to a higher meadow that hints at the shalom you and I will be enjoying for eternity. That is, I am learning via the spiritual disciplines to enjoy a heightened awareness of God’s presence in my life. More importantly, I am learning to delight and enjoy His presence. This may sound mystical to some, but it has reoriented my life in innumerable and positive ways. I am catching glimpses of shalom and hunger for more.


  3. Hank says:


    You know Im embarking on an endeavor to travel to the next Meadow. You have been instrumental in my journey for over a decade. Thankyou. HB

  4. Gerard says:

    Thanks, Mike.

    As a father of three young boys, I will use your language of meadows to help them make sense of life in this world and to nurture within in them the desire to go from glory (meadow) to glory (meadow).

    Continually grateful.


  5. John says:

    You seem not to have passed through the “grammar”stage: I felt the Lord calling my wife Kathy and “I.” Perhaps you might have said to your wife: “Me Michael, you Kathy” as Johnny Weissmuller might have done so in his role on screen.

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