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5 Responses to “Getting the Ball Rolling”

  1. marble says:

    Many, many blessings, Metz. It must be a bittersweet time for you and Kathy. Thank you for this word picture from your life and the Word. . . . I find it steadying! Looking forward to the three other ‘lessons’ you’ve pulled together.

  2. Bailey Marks says:

    Mike, congratulations to you, Kathy, Jennifer and Patrick!

  3. Dave says:

    Mike, good stuff, and congratulations good father and husband! But…not to be picky, but can you explain how Adam is supposed to leave his mother and father when he has neither?

  4. Mike Metzger says:


    It was a prophecy, predicting a future pattern. Notice “a man”is to leave. Leaving father and mother was to become the pattern for a man, not Adam, who had no earthly father.

  5. Bill McClain says:

    I just read about the behavioral DNA in Knox Seminary’s Summer 2013 magazine. I can’t argue with the way the paradigm has resonated with people, but I wonder if the categories could be reduced to Creation, Fall, Resurrection without losing their interpretive function. I don’t see that much difference between can and will, nor between “review,fix” and “set standards.” Also, I could imagine a sentence that says, “In the beginning there was a perfect creation, but now we live under the fall, but let me tell you what can and will be” Besides, only a Christian would have any idea that the the restoration has already begun in redemption. I don’t intend this as a negation of your concept, but only an elaboration upon it. If this has any value to you, I would be happy to elaborate further. Thank you so much.
    Love in Christ,
    Bill McClain

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