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5 Responses to “Good Hands People”

  1. Barnabas says:

    Good one Mike.

  2. Jay Lampart says:

    Wow. Hotels hosting PK conventions experienced a similar phenomenon caused by the NRB.

    Idle hands are another problem. In my experience, the church is getting (in the proverbial sense) fat and lazy. I have reccommended several “Christian” contractors and professionals to friends over the years that have done absolute shoddy work.

    I have watched church leaders use their leverage in times of need, while the others A leader’s car breaks down, they are “blessed with” a loaner. A leader wants some time away, they are “blessed with” a resort house. A leader has a baby, they are “blessed with” an abundance of meals and gifts. I personally know leaders in the church that are embarrased by this, but there are some that exploit their power. Perhaps there is nothing wrong with this, but it has over time (from my observation) created an entitlement
    mentality amongst the clergy, that get’s cleverly disguised as “grace.”

    “No, he doesn’t work for a Christian organization. His company is however doing the right thing.”
    As Christians, we have some work to do. I was invited to attend a conference in Portland, Oregon this past July. It was essentially a group of 3000 influential people, from all over the world gathered together in the same place. Judging by the talks given, and the snickers heard at any mention of Jesus – I imagine there were not too many Believers present. All I can say is, we have some catching up to do. The institution of humanitarian non-believers is growing. It’s new enough that it is not corrupted yet (give it time), and it is getting the world’s attention faster than the church is. Donald Miller was there. He said, “our people (Believers) can learn a lot from you people.” That spoke volumes. Thanks for the message, Mike.

  3. Dave says:

    I really don’t mean to be silly but your fine analysis concurs with how we use our hands in sports. Everything we do with our hands in baseball, basketball & hockey requires a light, nimble, trained touch. Grip too hard and you’ll blow it. Even in the throwing, catching, and carrying of a football. The exception is when you tackle: there the thing is that it’s the only point at which we “destroy” or “take down” in a sport. (Even the OL needs to practice deft hand work.) So, in marriage as well as in sports, sure, the size of your bank account as a provider or the size of your players may be the first step to just being competitive, but your hands separate the best from the rest. When you write about feet – which may be the most important part of an athlete – I’ll probably notice that then too.

  4. Bob Moffitt says:

    Oh, Father, help us! Is it any wonder our culture is headed south?

  5. Biz says:

    “if a man or woman can’t keep their hands off other men and women – or porn – they’re not really ready for marriage”

    Great quote. Great article!

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