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2 Responses to “Indescribably Delicious”

  1. Dave T says:

    Mike, what I like about what I hear you saying is that believing that God loves you, and is therefore good (or the other way around – I’ll have to think about that) is what gives strength to take risks. This “believe” business has to be distinguished from believing in one’s self, like in “I just have to have a positive attitude.” The disciples had to believe in the goodness of Jesus to do what they did. Marriage is a metaphor because we have to believe that our spouse loves us, beyond all the mistakes that human make in conducting a relationship.

    A good question might be:: what is a good risk? Like, why take “a risk”? What kind of risk are we talking about? It seems it’d have to do with loving others in Jesus’s name. Mercy and forgiveness are big risks because control through induced fear – which comes about through previously causing pain and suffering – are the alternative.

  2. Barnabas says:

    A timely prompt in an age where the immediacy of data and information is quickly replacing the depths of knowledge, understanding and wisdom.

    And in Hebrew

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