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4 Responses to “Is Harvard Regressing?”

  1. george says:

    Exceptionally well done, concise, yet comprehensive, inquiring minds will dig deeper.
    I know you know this Mike, but I just want to add it here for we students, I recently learned after years in the Word – amazing, never heard it shared in pulpit or speaker – where we read “heart”, especially in Proverbs, where I mainly study, we don’t have an English word for this OT word. That it represents the entirety of the mind, the emotions and the heart – spiritual bent. But it clearly demonstrates how the emotions are primary, why obedience is our most important characteristic in our relationship with God. D. Khanemann, pyschologist, Princeton U, won a Nobel in economics about 10 years ago, unveiling these very things.
    Thank you Mike, you are iron sharpening my iron.

  2. marble says:

    This is so relevant to me today, as I prepare class notes for moving from epistemology into philosophical ‘proofs’ for God. . . . Most of my class has favored Empiricism as a model of how we know what we know, by the way, not Rationalism. Of course, they do not attend Harvard.

    I think I might just print this out, though, and see what they make of Metzger today! I’ve been trying to encourage them to grapple with the “meaning” piece, and to realize that, without meaning, our remaining view of the world gets bleak, indeed.

  3. marble says:

    . . . . if this is the “third” most popular course at Harvard, what are nos. 1 & 2?

  4. Bob Moffitt says:

    Mike, having a purpose is so important. A colleague of mine and I visited a slum school in Nairobi ten years ago in which all classes repeat their purpose in life each morning by saying in unison, “Our purpose in life is to subdue and rule Saweto (their community), Nairobi, Kenya, Africa, and the whole world in the name of Jesus Christ.” I have watched this school long enough to know that this daily saying has given these kids – who otherwise are at the very bottom of the social structure in Kenya – a purpose which is motivating them to make a difference in their world.

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