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4 Responses to “Karl Marx Lives”

  1. kyle vitasek says:

    Tweeted this out to our president’s social media team – so they can see the error of his ways – – doubt they’ll get it! Their minds are subsumed w/Marxism, drowned in it. Yet all we have is our responsibility to witness to the four-chapter gospel, right? Let’s keep doing it. We are beckoned to continue in it by one who loves us more than we can imagine.

    Thanks for writing Mike.

  2. Ben Mott says:

    Great article Mike. As you state, the more you understand this, the harder it is to keep your blood at the correct temperature.

  3. says:

    Mike, I thought your article was really well said and reminded me of the societal implications of the confusing moral landscape that David Brooks so eloquently articulated in a recent column entitled, “Is Society Of Relative Morals A Society At All?” tom nelson

  4. Craig says:

    Karl Marx argued that revolution was impossible in a society that lived on the family farm. He believed that urbanization and industrialization were both requirements for a Communist revolution. In the 1920s, half of all Americans lived on a farm. Family farms that remained free of debt, enjoyed full-employment during the 1930s. Those that used debt to expand, were destroyed.

    The Federal Reserve Bank is a Marxist and Fascist institution. It creates the debt necessary to enslave a Republic, and the politics that are required to increase our indebtedness. Whether this country spends money on social programs (Socialism), or military expansion (Fascism), we end up borrowing money from the Federal Reserve. As an added bonus, the privately owned corporation also charges us interest to use its Federal Reserve Notes as our currency!

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