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2 Responses to “Lagging Cultural Indicator”

  1. Ben Mott says:

    Excellent posting Mike.
    Cheers, Ben

  2. Peter Frieswick says:


    I really enjoyed this post. I especially appreciated your comments about our myopic tendency to blame the 1% while ignoring our own culpability. It is especially fitting when considering the Old Testament prophets did not just denounce the actions of the rich who profited from injustice, but also against those regular citizens who did nothing to stop the rich from plundering the poor.

    Thanks for also pointing our attention to the necessity of being active and not passive participants in our culture. We believe that justice will roll down like waterfalls and that God is working through us as culture makers to bring forth this justice. Here’s to looking forward to a new year with new opportunities for living as Christ on earth.

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