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4 Responses to “Land of the Little Loves?”

  1. Tom K. says:

    I agree with your wish that Smith had written this book first. . . A very well done book which points to huge implications for the way we not just “think” about liturgy but for the reality that what we do and practice actually shapes us. I agree that acting globally requires a lot more than just thinking about it, but the ways it is often done is through things like mission tourism and the like. Global engagement must mean more than just doing stuff far away… it is tacking big issues that take us beyond of our comfortable limiting actions.

  2. Marc Horton says:

    Sorry, have not read the book. Can a BEHAG (big love) be non-geographically large?

  3. Mike Metzger says:


  4. Tim Smick says:

    The BHAG for Smith is to practice habits that heighten your enjoyment and awareness of God’s presence in the here and now. Of course, many in our world would not consider that a BHAG. I think, however, the chief end of man (according to the Westminster Confession of Faith)is indeed to glorify God and enjoy Him forever. That, I believe, is a BHAG. I am afraid that many of the BHAG that I have committed to in the past have been ego-driven in many ways by my false self. Yes, God’s will could be for me (or His church) to accomplish something world changing…but it might be “big” in a much different manner.

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