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7 Responses to “Limitless?”

  1. Mark Brown says:

    This was one of your most useful posts in a while, it was very pertinent and exposed the rampant lack of correlation and real biblical thinking that is so prevalent today. Thank you.

  2. Linda says:

    Intriguing and thought-provoking.
    Thank you!

  3. David Greusel says:

    Excellent post. I’ve been wrestling with the implications of technology for some time (see for example, this: and am more convinced than ever that we’re not doing a very good job of thinking through all the moral implications of the technologies we keep inventing with such startling rapidity. Which, I gather, is kind of your point. Well done.

  4. John Chaffin says:

    Interesting thoughts as we approach Resurrection Sunday.

  5. Jerry Bowyer says:

    I watched the same video discussion b/w Thiel and Wright. I did not see any confirmation of many of the points you put into his mouth. I certainly know for a fact that he is quite aware of the techne/telos distinction since we discussed that topic in some depth in my Forbes interview with him several years ago. To suggest that Thiel doesn’t appreciate the moral implications of technology is quite an overreach. I know few people who’ve given remotely the amount of thought into those questions. If you want to disagree with him, that’s your right, but to deny he has knowledge of topics which he has publicly discussed, is just not accurate. There’s plenty of techno-uptopians out there to take a shot that you could debate with that would not require the straw man treatment.

  6. Jerry Bowyer says:

    Might I add that to use Gawande as a club against Thiel without pointing out Gawande’s own very pronounced philosophical and ideological agenda is likewise a problem. Gawande is deeply entrenched in left politics, a reliable medical advisor to pro-abortion Dem politicians. I’m not sure that he is the man to lecture us on the subject of the morality of life and death.

  7. Jerry Bowyer says:

    Here’s Gawande defending partial birth abortion when pro-life forces were pushing for a ban in the late 90s:

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