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3 Responses to “Linked In”

  1. Chris Schenk says:

    Mike – hints of Outlier and Magical Mystery Tour…another one of your excellent drill downs on the history behind a current situation. Thank you – and what about some more oyster shots? Blessings, Chris.

  2. Tom Nesler says:

    My first reaction to this article is to wish some Christian linked into the right people could somehow reverse the sexual revolution. But the reality is that it is easy to make a stone roll downhill but very hard to stop a stone going downhill much less roll it back up the hill.

    Sanberg’s motives were not to increase promisucity when she urged the creation of “the Pill” but once it was created, other people saw the use of it as a way to do what they always wanted to do but were afraid of doing.

    The Garden of Eden had a snake in it…:-(

    Perhaps some day we can find a Godly man such as Daniel to get the kings ear and reverse or stop the downhill slide, but I am not optimistic.

  3. brody bond says:

    Still not sure when our intentionality to link ourselves in to a system/relationship can out-power being serendipitously linked in to the systems and relationships standing idly by.

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