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3 Responses to “Lost Day”

  1. Chris Harness says:

    The post modern definition of holiday is alive and well in Europe. You may notice that quite a few Belgian holidays fall on a Tuesday or Thursday. This is done on purpose to allow the citizenry to “build a bridge” by taking a single day off work and getting a four-day holiday (Sat – Tues) or (Thur-Sun)! Sweet, huh?

  2. George Cisneros says:

    Great thoughts Mike,
    Not to be irreverent, but even the Talking Heads get it. A line from stop making sense: “if your work isn’t what you love, then somethings wrong”.
    Being in the financial field, the last place over 95% of successful Christians want to be “Biblically accurate” is in their monday to friday – espcially if they were successful before coming to Christ – that is about 99.9%.
    The Lord can make every vocation an avocation. John Haggai and Paul Myer have proved this so, and provide the avenue for others when they see the work place “light”.

  3. David says:

    “…Albert Einstein’s general theory of relativity (E=mc2)…”

    That would be Special Relativity.

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