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6 Responses to “Not Very Many”

  1. John Graff says:

    This is a very interestiing and provocative piece. I would only suggest that besides producing a false conscieousness about what makes movement seffective social networks for the most part lack an inherent method for assurring authenticity of the ideas being communicated.

  2. Glenn says:

    Mike, could you clarify the following statement: “Stanford sociologist Doug McAdam discovered those who persevered said it was personal contact with hierarchical. He calls this high-risk activism a “strong-tie” phenomenon.” Specifically, what does McAdam mean by “personal contact with hierarchical”?

  3. Mike Metzger says:


    Typo on my part. Corrected now. Activists attribute much of their success to personal contact with hierarchical leaders.

  4. John Austin says:

    My head is tilting. Perhaps another typo in last paragraph: “…no more than 10 percent..” ??

  5. Glenn says:

    Thanks, Mike: That’s an interesting factor. Activists need a personal leadership, mentoring, that goes beyond merely a boss-employee relationship. Seems to have been a model that Jesus used. Jesus gave people a high-risk purpose with an eternal scope, but also personal attention. Thoughts?

  6. George Cisneros says:

    Great insight Mike,

    Proves the Old Testament principle that a little leven can spoil the whole batch. Because the 10% can work negatively as well.

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