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3 Responses to “Overdue for an Overhaul?”

  1. Bob Moffitt says:

    Michael, compelling idea! We need this kind of reality based research to find out how the Christian Faith community can best mobilize a much greater level of its membership than we see in the typical American church to biblical discipleship, i.e., incarnational living. Anyone out there interested?

  2. Biz Gainey says:

    Hey Mike,

    This, as usual, is a terrific article. Of course your ideas continue to challenge me as I seek to envision what they actually look like practically.

    As one whose spouse has received the great benefit of medical advances, I can certainly appreciate the cancer research analogy.

    Again, thanks for the thoughtful and thought – challenging piece!

    Grace and Peace

  3. Kyle Vitasek says:


    Sadly we don’t have many “returning authority” in the leadership of our churches, but rather continuing to concentrate authority in the elders, pastors, and staff, rather than serving those who are best equipped to build the kingdom. I have been grateful that many of the pastorate at my church want to be “returners” in this regard, yet also realize the degree to which the old model is ingrained in our north american evangelical sub-culture. I hope they can break free of it, for our neighbor’s sake. We need the salt to be more salty. And that requires the pastorate serving those who have the highest capacity to be salty! – the laity! (and no, the pun of salty people is not lost on me… they should be winsome and salty in the same moment, and will be if they seek to be like Christ.)

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