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5 Responses to “Rescue Operation”

  1. Ben Huber says:

    So glad you didn’t give up, Mike. After years away from the blog, it was comforting to come back to your writing. This is a great reminder for me about comfort, the unknown, what I can and can’t control, who’s in charge, and so many more similar notions. Keep up the good work “good and faithful servant”.

  2. Lynda Sondles says:

    Powerful Mike! I’m glad you didn’t quit. I look forward to your posts every Monday and they continue to challenge me in my own walk to become more Christlike. It’s so easy to return to what we’ve always done and expect different results. But that’s the definition of insanity and I don’t want to go there. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. Tom Nesler says:

    Thanks for your honesty on this. I too suffer from high expectations and reliance on myself to “do” for God rather than “be” with God. It is a great paradox for me. i hope you will share your insights into what changed your attitudes.

  4. Davis Kuykendall says:

    Refreshing. Thank you!

  5. Davis Kuykendall says:

    Refreshing. Thanks, old friend!

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