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12 Responses to “Sculpting A Life”

  1. Heinz says:

    I love this post. Stringing together time, meaning, and purpose. Keep going.

  2. Bob Moffitt says:

    Thanks, Mike, for your transparency and vulnerability.

  3. Lynda Sondles says:

    I agree with Heinz. Keep going. Your writing and thinking have been a blessing to me for many years, stimulating and encouraging.

  4. marble says:

    Thank you.

  5. Wendel says:

    That is what a faithful journey looks like. Thank you Mike.

  6. Ron Morley says:

    Attracting those to the gospel as you do has required your transparency, which I am thankful for, because, in all things I have been able to apply ought-is-can-will thinking, which has comforted my soul in many of life’s trying moments.

    Thank you!

  7. joy huffines says:

    Thanks for what you’ve been doing; keep moving, it seems to be working.

  8. Pat Goodman says:

    Keep doing what you and Kathy are doing my friend. It brings fresh wind and insight and I benefit greatly from it. I also know I am not the only one. It keeps pushing me to keep growing and asking questions I may not otherwise ask.

  9. Mike Metzger says:

    Thank you all… will do. But keep praying for me, as I often feel like a frail man in this endeavor.

  10. Bradford McDonald says:

    What I read once and don’t want as an epitaph is: “He came with a song to sing but left it unsung. He spent his life stringing and un-stringing his instrument.”
    Mike, I think we are perhaps singing our song, in many cases not sure that it is the final song or the right song or the perfect song, but we’re singing. Not just stringing and un-stringing the gee-tar. Keep singing, Brother! Your song has been music to my ears since 1991.

  11. John Chaffin says:

    Keep it up, Mike.

  12. Dave T says:

    I’m late to read your post. I’m preparing for an event where a prof and I will communicate that we all carry principles & negotiables into the game and that we might surprise ourselves as items switch columns. But the really key thing is to keep re-evaluating because if you’re truly alive, you realize that everything is always changing. Those who settle stop evaluating because it’s their eyes & heart & mind that stand still – the world never does. You’re unsettling, Mike, you remind us to be lively because you are lively. Therefore, thanking God for you.

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