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9 Responses to “Spot On”

  1. Ron. Morley says:


  2. marble says:

    . . . singing my tune. . . . I bought the phonograph record “Days of Future Past” – this weekend – remembering hours of listening to it, transported. I don’t even have a record player any more! I couldn’t resist. Paid the 50 cents. I can just look at the cover and hear it.

    (and a happy birthday to you!) All best. Dance a jig!

  3. Rochelle Raimão says:

    Happy Birthday Mike! Thank you for your steady, ongoing insights and challenges to our thinking and discussions, every Sunday night—for years! You are making a great contribution! Love this post about Bono and Art and knowing God. I just got through curating a weekend conference on Art and Our lives with God. This would have been a great article to add to our conversation!

  4. John Seel says:

    This is a timely and excellent post. Best to listen closely to Bono.

  5. Len Woods says:

    Two things:
    1. This is terrific stuff! Thanks.
    2. Happy birthday to you!

  6. Bob Ewell says:

    Re this quote: “God often leaves the building. Bono reminds us even if you have a church, it doesn’t mean you have God. It’s often the case that ‘God, like Elvis, has left the building.’ What’s left is ‘a congregation led by a man where once they were led by the Holy Spirit.'”

    I had a vivid picture of this phenomenon this morning. I filled a mug with water and put it into the microwave so I could make tea like I do every morning. Everything lit up, the fan came on, the turntable spun, and when the time was up, it beeped at me and flashed the usual message, “Your food is ready.” But the water temperature was unchanged. After several more tries, including resetting the circuit breaker, I had to conclude that “God had left the building.” The microwave looked the same, acted the same, sounded the same, but no transformation was going on. The part of the microwave that actually produces microwaves is broken, and there’s not even an error message for that!

    The comparison to church (and maybe even our personal lives) is obvious. “He did not know that the Lord had left him.” (about Samson, recorded in Judges 16.20)

  7. Tom Rhodes says:

    I am in the camp of people who have been evangelized by U2. Before becoming a Christian, I remember singing “40” at a concert with 15,000 of my closest friends, not knowing until years later that I was singing Psalm 40. And then after reading about the 4 Chapter Gospel, I nearly jumped out of my chair when listening to the lyrics of “A Sort of Homecoming, which capture the tension of the Kingdom of God now and not yet.” No wonder why that song resonated in my soul, even before my conversion. Bono the evangelist!

  8. John Wynn says:

    31 years ago Joshua Tree was released and, with it, ” I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For.” One side of me believes Bono has. The other side? Not so much as we’re all on the quest of sanctification; being like Jesus for real. My belief is we’re complete when we shed the mortal coil and meet Jesus face to face. The piece is spot on. I only wish these Dubliners hadn’t caved in on the abortion issue. Just a reminder of the flaws each of us carries…

  9. Mike Metzger says:

    Tru dat, Wynn

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