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4 Responses to “Tail Wagging the Dog”

  1. Steve Henderson says:

    Helps a bit to keep in mind that when Sports Illustrated was launched in 1954 it was hardly a medium for the promotion of popular sport. Even a glance at the cover stories and cover photos from the first year betrays the elitist slant: bird watching, the Princeton University Marching Band (Princeton?? Marching Band??)

    Popular sport and pop culture were not on the radar screen. The east coast Ivy League elites were in charge. And to top it off, you could check out the 1956 swimsuit issue, which featured supermodel Warren Spahn on the cover!

    But perhaps the debut of SI is the part of the first few of microtremors that set in motion a tidal wave of public obsession and consumer addiction to all things sport.

  2. Mike Metzger says:

    Helpful comments, Steve. I gotta check out the Warren Spahn swimsuit issue!

  3. John Seel says:

    There are many other things that could and perhaps should be done to change the system of revenue sports (i.e., football and basketball). Maintaining a basic GPA, not allowing drafts until graduation, etc. And what’s the point being made about sociology and scholarship? The current system is designed to get athletes quickly to the big paycheck.

  4. Trent McEntyre says:

    How much of the pressure on big college sports is driven by alumni and fan obsession with winning?

    Go Jackets!
    War Eagle!

    Trent McEntyre
    Atlanta, GA

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