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6 Responses to “Warning Signs”

  1. Ron Morley says:

    I read your articles with fervor weekly and find them deeply rooted in wisdom most of the time. However sitting Lucifer in the bushes next to the manger scene is a bit farfetched. Afterall if we just look at most families their sinful nature is revealed mostly during the Christmas season. More depression is experienced, more suicide committed, and more dysfunction crops up during this season that Lucifer comes alive at the forefront of our own daily living anyway. Why place A statue of him placed in the bushes behind the manger? That seems like a way to give Satan status that he will never get in our house, yet this is a great way to depict how Satan is always lurking. I appreciate your outside the box presentation style however. Merry Christmas!

  2. Tim Ferrell says:

    a friend who ministered in Brazil brought us a manger scene as a gift – in Brazil, every manger scene has a rooster – why? a reminder of Peter’s denial and perhaps even a foreshadowing reminder of Simeon’s Lucan prophecy to Mary – ‘even a sword will pierce your heart’

    i thought the rooster was a grand idea and a dragon in the bushes would be a great teaching opportunity that would pique our children’s interest and afford the teaching moment to rehearse with our children and friends about this grand epic in which we live — and, that in the final chapter the King of Kings and Lord of Lords will slay the evil one and we will enter the New Earth where it WILL be as it OUGHT. Merry Christmas!!!

  3. Maria Cochrane says:

    Maybe just a snake slinking about amidst the straw, half masked, in and around the animals’ feet. Good point about the dangers.

  4. marble says:

    Thank you, Metz. Your words helped me make a connection I’ve been struggling with this week. It was just what the Physician ordered. . . .

    It reminds of the time I travelled to Germany some years back to attend a conference from which I took a snippet about conscience that set me on a very unexpected path.

    Best wishes this Advent.

  5. Mike Metzger says:

    And best wishes to you too in this Advent season. Thank you for your kind remarks. As Samuel Johnson once reportedly noted, “People need to be reminded more often than they need to be instructed.”

  6. Tim Young Eagle says:


    Greetings! I loved this. I see the dragon everywhere. He is centered here in Madison, Wisconsin which is the epicenter of atheistic “outreach.” I see him challenging Christian reality and truth with his lies at almost every turn. At Christmas time, it is easy to get lost in the lovely songs and the serene pictures that have been ingrained in many of us since childhood. It is easy to get lost in the gifts and the wrappings and the food and the family and in doing good for others in this “holiday season.” Those things make us “feel good” and all of those things can easily morph into the lurking dragon without the presence of the Holy Spirit to clear the lens through which we see reality. It is wise for us to be sober and vigilant in this season of indulgence and satisfaction. The dragon is indeed lurking and he is dressed in the sheep’s clothing of whatever makes us feel warm and fuzzy and causes us to let our guard down.

    Blessings and Merry Christmas to you and your family.

    Tim Young Eagle

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