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3 Responses to “Why Few Start With Why”

  1. Dave T says:

    Mike, you know what I do…I picture a good time around a dinner. Animated conversation among those you know – and are just meeting – elegant or pub food, doesn’t matter. The Lord is at the table and yet intent on an egalitarian posture. tho We want to give Him highest honor but none of us knows what to do with this because He doesn’t really accept it because He’s looking & behaving just like any of us but we know Who He Is – and He is the one who asks us good questions – tho it doesn’t stop us from asking questions (both good and bad). So, we carry on with Him as a true friend as we all recognize our relative deficits – except in Him. By the way, there’s no circle, except ideally the table would be round. (I have a hard time picturing that because we always use rectangular tables at our Roundtables!)

  2. Mike Metzger says:


    Good word. Thank you for sharing.

    By the way, a circular saw would solve your rectangular table problem.

  3. John M. says:

    Mike, my kids always asked ‘why’ whenever I imposed a restriction or demanded obedience, and they probably would have responded more positively to imagery than to ‘because I said so.’ They’re all grown now, but I wonder if more metaphors could have enhanced my efforts! By the way, I imagined an equilateral triangle rather than a circle–maybe a triangle enclosed by a circle, touching at three points? P.S., I’m a lefty–does that give me an inside track on right-brainedness?

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